Game Changer: TIDAL Is Reportedly In Talks To Start Streaming Movies

Posted on March 31st, 2016
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Jay Z

The streaming service war has just made its way to the big screen after a report from Page Six says that Jay Z’s TIDAL is in talks with movie executives to begin streaming original movies on their site. A move that rivals not only other streaming sites, but the likes of Netflix and Hulu as well. Netflix, Hulu in Canada and Hulu in many other countries are some of the most popular services out there in times of TV and film, so TIDAL is adding to the war of the streaming titles. TIDAL is already extremely popular, but this would increase its popularity significantly. TIDAL is available in most countries, but not all. For those unable to access this site, a proxy service could be useful for getting around these geographical restrictions. Hopefully, more people will be able to access this website.

There has been a major climb in popularity in streaming services which has seen consumers make changes to help switch towards this new way of listening to music and watching films. This includes changing their broadband deals to ensure that their internet is strong enough to stream films and TV shows. These broadband only deals could help them find not only the right internet service for them but also a service that has a fast connection, which is ideal for streaming services. You can read more about it here. Major businesses like Amazon and Netflix are seeing their popularity rise as traditional TV continues to fall so this is why Jay Z is eager to move into streaming film too.

Page Six reports:

Multiple sources confirmed to us that the service is in negotiations with movie-industry executives, for a partnership to create films for Tidal, with a focus on the artists signed to the streaming service.

Tidal has already put in a request to Apple for approval to add movie streaming to their app, we’re told, and the service could be up and running as early as June.

One source told us, “Tidal has upset everybody in the music business, the labels, Apple and [Interscope founder] Jimmy Iovine, and now it is taking on Netflix and Hulu.

“The movie service will feature original content as well as acquired films. Tidal hopes to work with an indie studio or producer on a partnership to create original movies.”

Jay Z always remains relevant in music and hip-hop, but this new venture has potential to make him a staple in the movie business as well.

Read the full report here. Is this enough to convince you to buy TIDAL?

One response to “Game Changer: TIDAL Is Reportedly In Talks To Start Streaming Movies”

  1. Randen Montalvo says:

    I have already dropped Spotify and AM and solely use Tidal. They seem to have the game on lock, literally and only keep on getting better while everyone seems to be stagnating.