Founded in October of 2008, KarenCivil.com is a site dedicated to the readers every need as it offers an industry insider look into hip hop. Unlike many other hip hop sites and publications, one of KC’s goals is to introduce the world to those up and coming in the industry. With rising stars such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and J.Cole, who were first featured on KarenCivil.com, the site has helped to usher in a new generation of lyrical phenomenons.

With the mantra, Entertainment the Civilized Way, KarenCivil.com offers exclusive interviews with some of the most stylish, trendsetters, rappers, artist and entrepreneurs in the industry. With civilized talk the fans are given the opportunity to delve into the lives and artistic brains of their favorite hip hop heavy weights. Its backstage passes to some of NYC’s best concerts, parties, and elite events, KarenCivil.com leaves out no star studded event.

While admiration and dedication from its readers are a blessing, it is also astoundingly clear that its competitors recognize its ability to offer musical insight where many others have failed. KarenCivil.com has been sourced on sites such as XXL, MTV, Billboard Magazine and many more.