P Reign Believes 2015 Will Be “A Crazy Year For Hip-Hop”

Posted on January 26th, 2015
Staff Editor

Last year, the late A$AP Yams boldly stated that 2014 was one of the worst years of hip-hop. Many of his friends, supporters and members outside of his circle silently-and not so silently agreed.

Of the few that agreed, Toronto’s own P Reign weighed in on why the year was lackluster. “First of all, a lot of the top rap artists didn’t put out nothing. The Jay Z’s, the Kanye’s, the Drake’s – nobody in the top upper echelon of hip-hop put something out so just on that note,” he explained during our Civil Scope. “For example, I think YG should have been included only because his album was so crazy. I loved J. Cole’s album. But there’s not a lot of albums I can say that I loved.”

However, P believes there is hop for 2015 complete with a mixtape from his buddy Drake and other projects speculated to arrive this year.

“I know Drake’s dropping a mixtape that I’ve already heard a lot of and it’s crazy,” he said. “I think its some of the best I’ve heard from him in my life and I already know off Drake’s mixtape the world is going to shake. I know Kanye is getting ready to put something out, I won’t be surprised if Hov put something out. I think it’ll be a huge year for hip-hop. I know Kendrick has something to put out. A$AP Rocky, a lot of top dudes are going for that top spot. I think it’ll be one of the craziest years yet.”

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