Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ Has Been Pushed Back

Posted on October 27th, 2014
Staff Editor

Originally slated to drop tomorrow (Oct. 28), Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated Tha Carter V has unfortunately been pushed back. The president of Young Money revealed to KarenCivil.com that they are currently working on a new release date for the project.

While we await on the update from Wayne on when we can expect Tha Carter V, enjoy these recent guest verses from the rapper himself on the following pages.


39 responses to “Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ Has Been Pushed Back”

  1. James Peters says:

    wow.. how professional.

  2. Fuck tha Fame says:


  3. Fly Dungas says:

    birdman’s son isn’t the president

  4. milo says:

    fuck this bitch

  5. Jesus says:

    Karen Civil is irrelevant. If this is really how young money handles CV then I will not pay for it at all

  6. Charles Price says:

    Announce the eve of? That’s BS, over this crap. I’ll download when it leaks, They lost my $

    • Beth Buxton says:

      Im a huge Weezy fan, but this is just getting annoying af. Seriously starting to hate and probably wont even buy it now…. Straight bs

  7. brollya says:

    this the only site i see it on besides hiphopdx…. i dont see it on the big websites…. im believing its fake too or he go pull a beyonce

  8. AttackOnTitan805 says:

    Why would this female break the news. Irrelevant. I’m not believing this until I hear it from Wayne himself or Tez. If it is delayed IMA find out where Cortez Bryant lives and fuck him up for being such a bitch nigga haha

  9. YmCmBxOvOxOfWgKtA says:

    Can I see a quote by Mack? Or a video of an interview? I dont want your irrelevant dumbass just stating that Mack said this..
    “I aint heard shit from the horses mouth!!” – Hopsin

  10. Kreston Kent says:

    While waiting for Tha Carter V, “The Literary Genius of Lil Wayne: the case for Lil Wayne to be counted among Shakespeare and Dylan” krestonkent.com

  11. lulu simon says:

    I was going to buy it tomorrow but they are clearly trying to drum up press to get more money. I will not be buying it anymore.

  12. C5=DETOX says:

    Bitch you better hope

  13. King Jones says:

    damn im a die hard weezy fan since squad up days and been following him ever since..waynes music and transitions helped me through-out life..i was so excited to hear that the carter V was going to finally be releashed after all the set backs..now another set back smh..dont they know when you delay highly anticipated albums fans lose interest and not the other way around..smh this is crazy..good luck on album sales

  14. Young Breezy says:

    Smfh weezy drop that Carter 5 you digg

  15. Khari says:

    Who does bum shit like this?