Lebrons Mother Gloria James Arrested in Miami Beach at Fontainbleu Hotel

Posted on April 7th, 2011

Last night Lebron threw up another late game brick as the Miami Heat could not get the win against the Milwaukee Bucks but this wasn’t the highlight of his night. Back in Miami, Florida at around 4:57 A.M., his mother Gloria was arrested while she was at the Fontainebleau Hotel after an altercation in the parking lot. Police confirmed the arrest and stated that Gloria was released under her own recognizance but will have to appear in court at the designated date. This isn’t Gloria’s first incident with the police, as she faced a DUI charge back in 2006. I guess Lebron just can’t win. Two losses in one night has to hurt.


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  1. She just thinks she is all that because she is Lebron’s Mother. I am sick of all of these celebrities and their temper tantrums. They are leaving out that she wanted her car and was falling down drunk per TMZ. In addition, she has a previous DUI. She has not learned a damn thing. I hope the Valet gets a good Lawyer.