Exclusive: Kanye West Ft. Lil Wayne, Drake & Big Sean – All the Lights (Remix)

Posted on March 14th, 2011

[audio:https://karencivil.com/home/karencivil/karencivil.com/2011/03/All-The-Lights-Remix-_-www.karencivil.com_.mp3|titles=All Of The Lights Remix _ www.karencivil.com]

This song has been talked about for the past few days. Here is the rough version of the “All Of The Lights (Remix)” featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Big Sean. Speaking of Sean, he gave fans a sneak peak of the record on Saturday in Denver during a live performance. Look for the final, official version to come soon.

102 responses to “Exclusive: Kanye West Ft. Lil Wayne, Drake & Big Sean – All the Lights (Remix)”

  1. @Legacy720 says:

    I love this song!! And I love the remix even more.. Even if this
    is the rough vesrion..
    @drakkardnoir went H.A.M. on his verse #Epic

  2. michaes says:

    i was really looking forward for this because i’m a big weezy fan…. i wanted him to show them younger cats but surprisingly he was beyond wack..

  3. Leon says:

    Thanks for the song Karen. Plus nice artwork. Hopefully we get a Jay-Z verse.

    I done the lyrics so far here: http://www.killerhiphop.com/kanye-west-all-of-the-lights-remix-lyrics-lil-wayne-big-sean-drake/

  4. Grendel says:

    This sucks compared to the original. Lil Wayne’s verse is borderline retarded.

  5. dat nigga says:

    yo this shit hot yo nah fuck yall nlgg@s im out? yea. p@ce. su wop¡

  6. haaa. says: