Chris Brown Takes Raz B Back to the ‘You Got Served’ Era

Posted on December 29th, 2010

Just when we thought Raz B finally put a muzzle on it, he has returned, this time confessing his love for Rihanna and taking shots at Chris Brown. This morning, Raz B dedicated numerous songs to Rihanna and said:

Chris Brown received word of this and decided to pay this mess some attention by tweeting the above statements. Question is who is wrong and who is right? Well although some are saying Chris shouldn’t have tweeted that, we must remember that Raz B did start the fire by bringing Chris into his game of four square. Sorry Raz B, but you’ve already reached the limit of players in one game.

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  1. 730lev says:

    this nigga chris brown said the razb dude got a lower back tat that says ” different strokes” lmaoooo!! he bodied him.. im done peace up bx down im out this bitch! kareeeeeeen owwwww!!