Civil TV: Rowdy Rebel – “Welcome To My Neighborhood: The 90s”

Posted on January 6th, 2021
Lupe LLerenas

After having his rap career temporarily on hold for the last six years, Rowdy Rebel is back!

Back in 2014, the Brooklyn rapper was on the rise with his friend and fellow GS9 rapper Bobby Shmurda. That same year, Rowdy continued picking up buzz with his hit song “Computers.” Later that year, in December of 2014, both Bobby and Rowdy got signed to Epic Records. However, later that month, both rappers found themselves in trouble with the law, which resulted in serving time behind bars. Now, the 29-year-old is a free man and is ready to continue this new chapter in his life.

Since being released in December of 2020, Rowdy has reunited with his friends and family, hit the studio to record brand new music, and even paid two hundred thousand dollars worth of groceries for families during the holidays.

To celebrate his return, #CivilTV hung out with Rowdy Rebel for the latest episode of “Welcome To My Neighborhood.” In this episode, we visit his city East Flatbush, Brooklyn, and talk about growing up in Brooklyn, his music career, being locked up, and what he wants to accomplish now that he’s a free man.

Press play and check out our exclusive “Welcome To My Neighborhood” on Civil TV with GS9’s very own Rowdy Rebel.

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