Pharrell &Tony Hawk Gives Support for Illegal Civ’s ‘North Hollywood’ Film

Posted on September 9th, 2020
Staff Editor

Illegal Civ producer Mikey Alfred just got his first glimpse into the film industry on Jonah Hill’s Mid90s, which motivates him to go out and create his own film project. During an interview with HYPEBEAST Magazine, the producer said, “Skate culture to me is everything. Skateboarding is everything. I’ll love skateboarding till I die.”

Alfred’s focus was on the local skate scene in North Hollywood. According to HYPEBEAST MAG, North Hollywood is a “fully-realized story-driven drama set against the backdrop of a coming of age story.” The film features cameos from professionals, including Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones and Vince Vaughn.

However, Hollywood was not in favor of Alfred’s vision. As seen below on his instagram, Alfred shared a rejection letter from a distributor who came to an early North Hollywood screening.

The distributor claimed he rejected the film because it “was too small,” “too specific,” and “didn’t feel like a fit for any of the release platforms.”

In response to the post, Alfred gained many supporters. Among those supporters were Tony Hawk and Pharrell Williams. Hawk posted clip in support of Illegal Civ and Pharrell signed on as a producer, and talked with Alfred and friends about him growing up as a Black skater and appreciation for North Hollywood.

“I just love the story,” says Pharrell. “It takes place with skateboarding as the background.” Check out the trailer below:

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