Master P Confirms He Has “No Beef” With Monica After She Calls Him Out For Naming Her In C-Murder Post

Posted on August 24th, 2020
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On Friday, Master P took to Instagram to apologize to singer Monica after he named her in a recent social media post where he called out his brother C-Murder as being “ungrateful.” Master P declared he had “no beef” with Monica after first tagging the singer  in a post where he spoke on her and Kim Kardashian West, who is assisting in the liberation of C-Murder. In addition to tagging Kim, Monica, and C-Murder, P tagged his brother Silkk the Shocker as well.

In response to the original post, Monica replied, “I have been respectful towards you and you have refused to do the same! You can NOT speak on me because you do not know me!” She continues, “I have only conversed with Silkk! This matter is between you MEN, you’re brothers! Leave me out of this because my efforts have BEEN the same! I just didn’t see the need to post it! Check the visiting lists from The Parish to Angola to Hunts or better yet ask his children! You responded before you READ! He’s never not able to hit me, my mother or brother, and get what he needs! FOCUS ON HIS FREEDOM!” 

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After Monica shared her response, P followed-up by stating, “We’re doing too much positive to have to deal with the negative. I have no beef with @monicadenise She got caught up into some family drama that we have to fix and I am man enough to admit that.” P continues, “No family is perfect, we all go through turmoil but with God all things are possible. I love my brother and can’t wait till he get home. We can’t allow the devil to steal our joy. We are bigger than this!”

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C-Murder is currently serving a life sentence as he was accused of being the shooter behind the fatal killing of a 16-year-old in Louisiana. Shortly after Kim learned about C-Murder’s case from his ex Monica, she began to place effort towards his release from prison.

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