Kehlani Talks Motherhood, Life Through the Pandemic, & More in New Spin Magazine Interview

Posted on August 19th, 2020
Staff Editor

Sharing the stunning visuals via Instagram, R&B sensation Kehlani recently participated in a creative and beautiful photo shoot for the cover of Spin Magazine. In the insightful interview, the singer touches on topics including womanhood, motherhood, the pandemic, and the music industry. The latest issue, which is dedicated to Black-owned operations, finds Kehlani sporting Black brands on the cover. 

Image by Noah Schutz

During the interview, Kehlani goes on to reveal that one of the hardest decisions she has ever had to make “has been not to go and rush and have another baby.” She continues on, “That is a hard decision because I want to have so many kids, but now I’m at the point where I have to be so logical. Like, look where the road is headed. Look at how the government is thinking about us and considering us. Look at the resources we’ve been having to use. My main source of income has now become non-existent. Touring is where artists make all their money, and we don’t know when that’s ever coming back. And being someone that skipped all of touring from my last project, because I was pregnant — this was supposed to be my get-back year.”

Image by Noah Schutz

While providing her true thoughts and feelings on multiple topics, Kehlani also shares revealing details of what state she was in before releasing “SweetSexySavage.” Kehlani shares, “…my first album was after going through the most traumatic shit ever. I was trying to avoid singing about anything related to it because I hadn’t processed any of it, and by the time it came out I didn’t connect to whoever it was making those songs. I didn’t recognize that person. I was traumatized and triggered and depressed, and I had PTSD and severe anxiety attacks. Coming out of that and getting pregnant, I figured out how to stop being avoidant, and my music took this mature turn.” As Kehlani is always bold and strong in herself and her story, the rest of her interview with Spin Magazine provides readers with a deeper look into the world of the superstar.

Feature Image by Noah Schutz

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