Akon Has Finalized The Agreement For “Akon City” In Senegal

Posted on January 13th, 2020
Site Manager

As previously reported, Akon has been working on developing his own city in Senegal, having been in the construction phase since March 2019. “We started construction in March, and stage two is going to be 2025. It’s in Senegal, West Africa,” he explained to Nick Cannon, before confirming the economy would be based in Akoin. While the whole thing feels surreal, rest assured that Akon City is happening. In fact, Akon recently took to Instagram to celebrate the latest major development.

“Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal,” he writes, sharing an image from the meeting. “Looking forward to hosting you there in the future.” While it’s unclear as to when the proverbial doors will open, we look forward to following the historic rise of Akon City, something that still feels surreal to type out. Congratulations to Akon for doing his part to make the world a better place. The city will have its own airport and it ran completely on Solar Power uses his cryptocurrency #Akoin as a form of currency in everyday life.


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