Sony Music Removed From Lawsuit Alleging Fake Michael Jackson Songs

Posted on August 23rd, 2018
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Update:  Just last week, it was rumored that Sony Music admitted in releasing fake Michael Jackson songs, which included “Monster,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and “Breaking News.”

Today, a court has removed Sony Music and Michael Jackson’s estate from a fan’s lawsuit alleging that vocals impersonating the King of Pop were used on the 2010 project Michael.

Original: In 2014, a Michael Jackson fan suspected the songs she was listening to were fake. That fan, Vera Serova, accused Jackson’s long time friend Eddie Cascio and his production company, Angelikson Productions LLC, of creating and selling fake songs via Michael Jackson’s estate and Sony Music Entertainment.

Today, Sony Music admitted to releasing the fake MJ music. The fake songs appeared on the 2010 Michael album, and include “Monster,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and “Breaking News.”

Both Cascio and Porte claim that these songs were recorded in Cascio’s New Jersey basement in 2007. However, Serova and the entire Jackson family contest these claims. They say that despite the recordings bearing a similar sound to that of the pop legend, Michael Jackson never recorded those songs. There are simply too many inconsistencies.

Consequently, Serova filed a lawsuit against Cascio and Porte. The suit included Sony Music Entertainment, as Serova claims that they mislead consumers by falsely representing the songs as Michael Jackson recordings.

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MJ Fan vs. Sony/ MJ Estate/ Cascio/ Porte by Ivy on Scribd

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