Civil Scope: Key Glock

Posted on September 14th, 2017
Staff Editor

Civil Scope Key Glock

If the name of Key Glock doesn’t strike a chord or ring any bells in your head, he’s a new rapper on the scene that’s making the right moves to ensure that he will inevitably be on your radar in the months to come. Representing for the south and coming from Memphis, Tennessee, Key Glock is showcasing early on that he has a way with words that stick and resonate with his steadily growing fanbase.

In an industry where respect has to be earned, Key Glock is well on his way to getting the recognition he deserves. Having heated up Summer 2017 with the release of his Glock Season project, the Young Dolph signee isn’t letting any obstacle that is set to come his way distract him from the goal and overall mission at hand.

Recently getting some insight as to who he is as a person and as an artist, all while realizing just how driven and focus he is, Key Glock is an interesting piece to Hip Hop’s massive puzzle. Currently on the road for his “Glock $ea$on Tour,” his path only expands as the minutes and hours past by.

With much to offer, get familiar as he’s looking to make a dent in the coming months and years aheads. – Travis G.


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