Premiere: Scotty ATL Gets ‘So HIGH’ with Jay Dot Rain

Posted on October 13th, 2016
Staff Editor

So HIGH - Scotty ATL

When it comes to getting high many may not hit the level that Scotty ATL does, evident in the song and video for his Jay Dot Rain featured “So High.”

The scene for Scotty and Jay brings a ton of trippy colors to pair with their clouds of smoke, while a group of lovely ladies keep them company and allows keep them company. For those are hearing the song for the first time, “So HIGH,” is just what you think, your new go-to weed anthem. Light and fun, “So HIGH” serves the purpose for all smokers bringing in a vibrant and animated sound with a melodic hook.

The inspiration for “So High” came from Scotty’s last tour that led him to the cities of Seattle and Portland and led to a great time. “The people showed a lot of live in both cities. I thought it just was right to shoot the video there because weed is legal – in Washington, I could have even gone online to find weed near me without a problem – and the song is called ‘So HIGH’,” Scotty shared. “I felt like we would smoke some good as weed and get high and that we would be high above sea level, brilliant!”
In addition to the warm reception of those in the Northwest, Scotty was encouraged by his friend Sonny Bonoho who scouted the shooting location of Eugene, Oregon.

Scotty ATL points out that “So HIGH” is an important video release because of how it resonates with the fans and the response that it gets in clubs and radio rotation with it only being out for a few weeks.
Be sure to grab your stash and get “So HIGH” with Scotty ATL below.

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