KarenCivil Presents 2015 Hip-Hop March Madness (Selection Sunday)

Posted on March 15th, 2015
Staff Editor

Sports fans, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here — today is Selection Sunday for the 2015 NCAA Basketball March Madness tournament!

Every year, sports fans all around the world anticipate the day when the Selection committee unveils the 68 teams that will make up the Division I College Basketball Tournament known as March Madness. The college hoop frenzy is arguably the most exciting event in all of sports for not only the players and the Universities, but for the several bracket-filler-outters all across the world. It’s madness!

For a 2nd year in a row, KC.com is joining in on the festivities. We will once again be hosting our very own March Madness tournament, with a much needed hip-hop twist to it.

Instead of college basketball teams, our March Madness brackets consist of MCs and FEMCs from the four major regions (East, West, South and Midwest), selected to compete against each other for the top spot. The “winner” of each round of our mock bracket will be determined by you, the fans, in a simple voting process. Each winner will advance to the next round until we are left with a Final Four and of course a champion. Voting for the 1st round will officially begin tomorrow on March 16th and will last until April 3rd when our champion will be crowned.

With that being said, we have officially unveiled the rankings and seedings of the 2nd annual KarenCivil Hip-Hop March Madness tournament. Click the following pages to see where your favorite rappers got seeded this year and be sure to check back in tomorrow to begin voting for Round 1!


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