Civil Interview: MC Lyte Talks New Album, Women in Hip-Hop

Posted on January 15th, 2015
Staff Editor

MC Lyte

When you have a career that spans 20 years and can still command a stage and place an audience in awe there is one word to describe you: legend. That attribute may still not be adequate to categorize MC Lyte. Still touring and continuing to make great music, Lyte personifies longevity while managing to build resources to help the culture and rising artists.

The turn of the calendar once again will not be a sign of slowing for the Brooklyn native, instead 2015 marks a time for MC Lyte that is just as busy as her early years. With a new album on the way and business efforts manifesting, MC Lyte remains a major hip-hop cultural impact.

Check out what the legend is working on in the following pages. – Shawn Grant


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