Civil Court: Should Jay Electronica Drop His Debut Album This Year?

Posted on July 14th, 2014
Staff Editor

jay electronica

LINDSEY: Jay Electronica is a name that avid hip-hop listeners may hear often, but don’t know too well. Yes, he is co-signed and endorsed by Jay Z, and yes, he has proven to have some crazy lyrical ability with his “We Made It” verse this year, but what does that mean for his potential album sales so far? Not too much.

Many of the deep hip-hop heads out there are waiting anxiously for an Electronica album to drop any day now, which does mean he has a big buzz. However, to someone such as myself who loves some of that real hip-hop, but hasn’t really paid close attention to Jay since “Exhibit A” released, he has gotten my attention, but isn’t keeping my interest.

I’m curious to hear more from Jay Electronica and see what the huge hype is about, but I need to vibe with him as an artist before I decide to spend my mula on a project from him. I want to see him win after all of the talk over the years, so it would be a shame if his album went unheard by so many who probably would’ve actually rocked with it. Whether he does some more Twitter rants, or finally performs a little more consistently, I know he can eventually land the loyalty of the general hip-hop population’s ears.

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