Ryan Destiny Drops Off New “Do You” Single

Posted on August 1st, 2020
Marquin Stanley

This week, singer and actress Ryan Destiny of “Star” has released her all-new R&B single titled “Do You.” Working with producer Trackside, “The Same” finds Ryan creatively tackling relationship dynamics and switching roles with her partner. Bringing back a classic R&B vibe, Ryan’s latest single is an uptempo hit meant to uplift people in relationships.

Image via Essence

When discussing “Do You” with Nylon Magazine, Ryan says, “‘Do You’ is what happens when you mix fun with attitude. ‘Do you boo!’ is one of my favorite things to say and it’s usually because I have all intentions on doing the same. Focusing on myself will always be a mood and I think we’ve all been in a few situations where you have to remind someone of that.” With the release of “Do You” and “The Same,” it seems Ryan may just be hinting at an actual full-length project release in the near future.

Feature Image via 2DopeBoyz

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