Zae France Drops Off New Project “Rhythm n Backwoods”

Posted on October 1st, 2019
Marquin Stanley

Musician Zae France recently dropped off his 14-track EP titled “Rhythm n Backwoods.” Featuring Mizzy Lott, Ty Asian, and Red Carpet Rich, Zae’s all-new project finds the R&B artist meshing his new sound with an old school vibe. With inspiration from artists, such as Al Greene, Tank, Eric Bellinger, and Usher, “Rhythm n Backwoods” is a well-crafted R&B/Soul project for real fans of the genre.

Image via The Prolific Effect Agency

As a fresh face in R&B, Zae makes it clear that he is confident in his abilities and believes others should be as well. Zae goes on to share with KC, “Everyone isn’t going to like you or what you have to bring to the table and that’s fine. Just surround yourself with solid people who accept you for who you are and you will succeed always.” 

Being raised by his mother, who was apart of a Gospel group, helped Zae France stay in tune with music. Zae later began to seriously pursue his career in music after moving to Connecticut. Take a listen to Zae France’s “Rhythm n Backwoods” and let us know your thoughts!

Feature Image via The Prolific Effect Agency

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