Uh Oh..Lil Nas X Gets Himself In Legal Trouble with “Carry On” Song

Posted on July 26th, 2019
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The trending and talented Rapper, Lil Nas X gets sued for $25 Million after sampling Bobby Caldwell’s song, “Carry On” without permission.

If you are thinking like me, and wondering the same thing, I am with you. Can Lil Nas X ever get a break?

First, it was the racial controversy about him delving into the country-Hip-Hop crossover. Although, the backlash from “Old Town Road” successfully turned out to be worth it, charting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the hatred was unnecessary. Then, the rapper boldly reveals his sexual preference during Pride Month which had everyone jumping off the walls like he said he was an alien, and now this…

Lil Nas X released “Carry On”on Soundcloud, Youtube, and Spotify five months before the hit “Old Town Road.” Unfortunately, The Music Force, a publishing company who owns the rights to the original, claimed it was copyrighted in 1983. According to The Blast, Sony acquired the rights to all of Lil Nas X’s songs in June 2019. The Music Force asserted that Sony should’ve made sure that “Carry On” had been cleared. Nonetheless, Sony chose not to take action in this or stop the ‘illegal, unauthorized infringement.’

Based on the lawsuit claims, Caldwell and The Music Force is seeking $10 million in damages for “confusion in the marketplace” as well as an additional $15 million in punitive damages. In addition, they are requesting the court to rule “a joint work,” so that the song can be owned by The Music Force and the defendants.

Hopefully, Lil Nas X finds his way out of this mishap, I mean after all doesn’t everyone sample music nowadays anyway?

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