Video: J. Stalin & Dj.Fresh – “Bubble Gum Candy Fruit” ft. Beeda Weeda & Jun

Posted on January 10th, 2019
Derêka K. Bennett

After being exclusively premiered on XXL, we present to you J. Stalin’s bed video “Bubble Gum Candy Fruit.”

Emerging from his rough upbringing to build a life of luxury, Bay Area legend J. Stalin shows what happens when the underdog triumphs. Gathering his car collection and a crew of models, Stalin lives large in “Bubble Gum Candy Fruit.”

Posted with Beeda Weeda at a local basketball court, adorned with graffiti and the And 1 logo, Stalin relaxes in his snow white Beamer, his classic Lincoln muscle car, and his bright red Dodge Charger as the camera provides overhead shots of his West Oakland neighborhood.

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