Jim Jones Faces 5 Felony Charges After His Arrest In June

Posted on October 10th, 2018
Derêka K. Bennett

Back in June Jim Jones was arrested in Georgia after a police chase. Once the car stopped, police reportedly found 2 guns, marijuana, oxycodone, percoet pills and vape cartridges.

Jimmy was later on  released on $7K bail bond, and now, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, he is now facing 5 felonies in related to the arrest.

The documents stated that the rapper has been hit with 3 different counts of possession of a controlled substance and 2 counts of possession of a firearm. Jim is also being charged with a sixth count for possession of marijuana. However, the marijuana was less than an ounce so the charge will be dropped to a misdemeanor.

Due to the multiple charges, Jim could be facing a lot of years, maybe even decades in prison. The rapper was just on the road to bringing back his rap career after dropping a few songs on Tidal.

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