Vic Mensa Says Gun Culture Is A Virus

Posted on July 19th, 2018
Staff Editor

Vic Mensa tells Rolling Stone that gun culture in America is a plaque in a powerful op-ed that was published Wednesday, July 18. He says that it’s time to enact a “widespread ban on assault rifles.”

The rapper urges for gun control in an essay and talks about losing childhood friends to gun violence. He even mentions his own 2017 arrest for violating California’s concealed-carry law. There has been mention of CA ammo sales being stamped with an identifying mark to help narrow down and catch those who are using them for violence, but that is one cog in a very big wheel.

“My heart sank into my gut as the voice on the other side of the phone fed me words I could hardly stomach. ‘Are they talking about Cam?’ I asked, referring to the barrage of R.I.P. tweets flooding my timeline as I sat in a sweaty recording studio on Chicago’s near West Side. ‘Yes,’ she answered, her voice devoid of emotion. ‘He got shot,'” Mensa Says.

Gun control has been a pressing issue for the last years since the mass shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Florida, and Santa Fe High School in Texas earlier this year. Believe it or not, today you don’t even need to leave your house anymore to buy gun accessories, as you can just buy them online. Which is good for those responsible adults who have a gun hobby or passion but for those who are violent, maybe not.

Those people that own a gun need to be responsible, as many lives have been lost due to the violence and actions of other people who seemingly can’t be trusted. For many states like arizona gun laws are always being challenged in order to ensure that gun safety and gun freedoms are upheld. Keeping guns in the hands of responsible citizens and out of the hands of those who wish to harm others. The individuals that do have a gun should make sure they carry out extensive research before buying a gun. For example, somewhere like Tactical-Life can be a good place to turn to if you are looking for a pocket pistol. This will ensure that you are able to find the best one for your needs, and as always, you must proceed with caution when carrying your gun. After all, we don’t want other people who are like Mensa losing a loved one due to violence.

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