Marques Houston Reveals Ty Dolla $ign Was In Immature on Beats 1

Posted on June 14th, 2018
Lupe LLerenas

Marques Houston stopped by Apple Music’s Beats 1 and revealed that an adolescent Ty Dolla $ign performed in Houston’s ‘group Immature (alongside Brandy and Ray J) in the late nineties.

“Ty was in Immature’s band when we first started. Chris Stokes discovered Ty back in the day. He had to be eight? Seven or eight. He’s like a year younger than me. It was cool. It was like, he’s the homie. We were like brothers,” he said.

Houston adds, “a lot of people used to say him and Romeo from IMX/Immature — that they kind of look like brothers, so they would call them brothers. We kind of knew his family and his family was musically driven. His dad, Big Ty, was in the music and stuff like that, and Stokes knew his dad. It just kind of happened like that. His dad would actually help us program the music for our shows back then.”

Check out the clip of Ty Dolls $ign in Immature on The Arsenio Hall Show below.

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