J. Cole Opens Up About Possible Kendrick Lamar Collab, kiLL Edward & Kanye West With Angie Martinez

Posted on May 16th, 2018
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Rapper J. Cole dropped another surprise for his fans after sitting down with the notable Angie Martinez in a recent interview. The hour-and-a-half long discussion took place at producer, Salaam Remi’s house before his much anticipated performance at Rolling Loud. In the video, the ATM rapper talks kiLL Edward, the rumoured J. Cole/Kendrick Lamar album and shares his thoughts about the controversial Kanye West.

Cole’s fifth studio album KOD was released on April 20th, 2018 breaking several records after its debut. While the rapper is known for keeping guest features slim, kiLL Edward was the only featured artist on KOD. Despite applause for trying a new approach, J. Cole reveals that the following is just an alias.

“I was like ‘Yo, I don’t wanna talk about myself no more.”

In the interview, the rapper discloses that the name derives from Cole’s stepfather and is used as an vessel “to kill the shit that I inherited from him. There’s aspects of myself… shit that I want to overcome and beat, that I got from him.”

Cole also revealed to Martinez that he plans on working on an LP exploring other facets of kiLL Edward  in the near future. In addition, he spoke about his intent to release his sixth album, The Fall Off  in a year or so.

Another notable part in the interview addressed the rumours of a possible J. Cole/Kendrick Lamar collab album that fans have been trying to speak into existence for years. Despite TDE Rapper Ab-Soul’s recent sentiments, the rapper finally laid the rumors to rest.

“[Ab-Soul] might be talking about when we originally got to work. This was years ago… we just did a few songs, a bunch of ideas, put it like that. You wouldn’t call it an album, nothing like that.”

When Kanye West was mentioned in the interview, Cole kept it real after West publicly released a text conversation between the two on Twitter during a tirade. In the segment, Cole vocalized his distaste for the rapper’s “free thinking” ideologies.

“He apologized, for the record… but then I told him it felt like you just used my name and that very quick conversation for social media and to keep your thing going.”

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