Wale Flips H.E.R.’s ‘Every Kind Of Way’ With A New Remix

Posted on April 18th, 2018
Travis G

Wale H.E.R. Every Kind Of Way Remix

Continuing with his slew of new tracks and remixes, Wale has been putting in work in 2018. Having released an EP this year and currently working on to the followup album to his Shine LP, his supporters aren’t feeling any shortage of material from the rapper.

Up next in his arsenal, Wale puts his twist on H.E.R.’s fan-favorite track, “Every Kind Of Way.” Coming in with his signature flow, Wale sets the mood that will only further win over any ladies that find themselves crushing on him. Followed by H.E.R.’s sultry vocals, an original track between the two would most certainly work in the best way.

Take your listen to Wale’s “Every Kind Of Way” remix, below.

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