Civil Scope: Molly Brazy

Posted on January 26th, 2018
Travis G

Molly Brazy Civil Scope

Numbers are everything. Right? If that’s something you believe in, Molly Brazy has the stats and they’re growing as the days and weeks roll on. Currently, with a whopping 839,000+ follower count on Instagram, and almost 74,000 followers on Twitter, the rapper is on a lot of people’s radar. Looking to represent for women in Hip-Hop, the Detroit creative isn’t taking any prisoners.

Just 18 years old, Ms. Brazy is easily in the mix of a fresh wave of talent that is looking to put a dent in Hip-Hop’s current scene. Starting out by simply posting short freestyle clips on Instagram, her popularity only increased and the trajectory of her career has taken a life of its own.

Recently releasing her Big Brazy mixtape, 2018 has all the signs of being a magnificent year for the bubbling star’s career. Small in size, don’t let that fool you. Molly Brazy packs a big bite and even bigger bars. Speaking on just how she got her start in music, the current rise of women in Hip-Hop, her music and so much more, if you didn’t know Molly Brazy before, she will permanently capture your attention now. – Travis G.


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