PREMIERE: King Combs and CYNMOB Release New Singles ‘Playa Hate’ & ‘Berry’

Posted on October 12th, 2017
Staff Editor


Throughout the summer King Combs showed that the hit making at Bad Boy records was inherited by his legendary father Puff Daddy with a slew of releases. In a KarenCivil.com exclusive, King Combs and the CYNMOB are taking over your fourth quarter as well unleashing two new singles in “Berry” and “Playa Hate.”

CYNMOB may be new to you but they have been putting in to work together for 10 years with the monniker “CYN,” a secret meaning that can only be knowledgeable to members. Recently the name has expanded to “CYNMOB,” due to having more than 15 members and traveling everywhere together in the form of a mob. However, don’t have be misled and think of mob in a negative connotation as they have attributed the word to “men of business.”

The two new singles show the range of the collective. “Playa Hate” features Combs, Kai Ca$h and SNL (Shaq & Trey Livin) with smooth flows of ambition and a disdain of hating over the Brandy “I Wanna Be Down” sample laden instrumental. “Berry” brings the quartet from the first offering back with the addition of member K Wales for another onslaught of lyrical ability displaying the talent of the entire collective.

If you are in Miami for the 2017 Revolt Music Conference you can pull up on CYNMOB at their Pop-Up shop at the Appt. Only store, which is notorious for notable brands and pop-up shows in the area.

You check out both singles, the action that is scheduled for RMC and the trailer for the first Pop-Up Shop for CYNMOB below.

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