Civil Scope: Phora

Posted on August 28th, 2017
Lupe LLerenas

Photo Credit: Anthony Supreme

Photo Credit: Anthony Supreme

Photo Credit: Anthony Supreme

You’re from Anaheim, California how has being from SoCal influenced your career?

Phora: It’s given me an opportunity to stand out from everyone else. Being that I am from Anaheim, it’s not necessary like L.A. or Hollywood so it’s definitely a different culture and a different lifestyle. Till this day, I’m still one of the only Hip-Hop artists out of Anaheim and Orange County, so it’s given me my own sound.

Phora is definitely a unique name. How did you come up with your stage name?

Phora: I came up with the name Phora when I was about 13-years-old with a friend of mine. It was originally used for my graffiti name and I come up with ‘Phame’ but he was like it’s wack, I know people with that name already. We then continued to play around with the letters and I liked how the ‘PH’ looked and sound, so we went with Phora, and been running with it since then.

I know you just came back from being on tour. Tell us a little more about that experience?

Phora: Man… So this “Yours Truly” 2017 tour was definitely one of the greatest moments of my life thus far. We sold out 28 shows out of the 36 shows and that was beyond amazing! I love seeing and meeting my fans at every show and till this day, it still trips me out that there are people with my lyrics or ‘Yours Truly’ tattooed on them. These are people that stand in the crowd for an hour and two just to sing to my songs. They connect with me in a different level and I can literally be on stage not saying anything and they will carry out the show for me. It’s crazy. It’s really amazing!

You just dropped your new album, Yours Truly Forever, talk to us about the inspiration behind it and the creative process for it?

Phora: Yours Truly Forever is definitely different. I’ve dropped 5 projects independently prior to Yours Truly Forever, and this one was with Warner Bros. So the creative process was lead a different way. To be honest with you, I’ve worked on this album since 2012, when my first album was released. Since then, I had been saving different beats, lyrics, featured ideas, production content, and along the years improved it until I thought it was set and ready to go.

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