Civil Interview: Madeintyo Talks Inspiration Behind ‘True’s World’ EP, Growing As An Artist & More

Posted on August 25th, 2017
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Atlanta has bred some of the best musicians in the game. In fact, a few of the current top tier
artists hail from the Southern city.

Ever since “Uber Everywhere,” Madeintyo has been putting on for his hometown and he hasn’t let up yet. From working with artists like Rich the Kid, Big Sean, Roy Woods, 24hrs and much more, the ATL native continues to show and prove.

Madeintyo’s new EP, True’s World is officially out now, but prior to the release we had the opportunity to catch up with the talented artist to discuss the project. Executive produced by his brother 24hrs, he spoke on the meaning behind the EP’s title and what it means to him, the outside inspirations he used to create it, his appearance on this years XXL Freshman cover and much more.

Read the full interview below and check out True’s World HERE.

Congrats on your new EP True’s World. Talk to us a little bit about the project. How did you come up with title and what’s the meaning behind it?

Madeintyo: True’s World is titled after my son, his name is True. Around the time he was being born is when I made most of these records – I was originally working on my album and I stopped for a minute because I was becoming a dad and I was constantly moving around trying to figure out how to balance everything. I recorded a lot of records but I only grabbed six because I wanted to save the rest of them for my album. It’s a bunch of new vibes that I’m working on and the physical copies will have skits where I’m talking to my son and few others.

You and 24hrs are not only family, but you two have a great working relationship. Aside from that, why did you decide to make him the executive producer for the project?

Madeintyo: “It’s 20, man. Anybody that has ever worked with him can vouch for this – he puts together good records. Ty (Ty Dolla $ign) is very in tune to 24hrs so they were both in there with me. Ty was in there when I was recording True’s World and he was saying things like ‘You should say this’ or ‘You should put this part here. As far as 20 goes, that’s really like my blood brother so it’s easier to work with him. It’s the easiest thing.”

With him being more of an R&B guy, how did that translate to the sound of True’s World?

Madeintyo: Well I always sung on records and was playing around with it. You kind of find out what that style is. A lot of my features you see come about because 20 done made the link up or something. You may see me on tour and 20 is there. My manager is his manager so we’re all very close. Our sounds merge into each other all the time but we don’t put everything out. I remember at one point people thought that I was 20 before he even put his face online. People thought that we were the same person.

Did you use any specific inspirations when you created True’s World?

Madeintyo: “For this project I didn’t want to do the sound that reminds people of the thing I been doing. I wanted to do something a little different. Everybody know I can make hits with Swisha. It’s like Gucci and Zay, 40 and Drake, Metro and Future. You can always catch a vibe with the one producer you’re known for working with. But with this project I wanted to do something with my homie DWN2EARTH and he played a big role in giving me a new sound and changing those instruments behind my voice. I just needed to grow. Most of my favorite rappers always changed as they got older. I can say the same thing on every record but people will get tired of me. I won’t be fun no more.”

You have pretty good relationships with people like Pharrell and of course Big Sean who you were recently on tour with. Did they have any type of contribution to this project? Did one of them help A&R it?

Madeintyo: “Man, I played a couple of records for Big Sean while we were on tour. He was actually going to remix one of the songs but I ended up just putting it out the way it was. Sean listened to a few records and I also sent some over to Chance as well. I got a few people to listen to it but really it was just me, 20 and my team. And DWN2EARTH, too.”

How did it feel making it on to the XXL Freshman list this year being that that list is
such a huge staple for rising artists?

Madeintyo: “That was lit. I had to keep it low though. If I would’ve put it out there before they announced it I would’ve probably got disqualified or something. But the feeling of making that was lit. Sean (Big Sean) was on there before. You had a lot of people that was on that I probably looked up to at a point. Now, I’m apart of that history and to me that’s super lit. That’s also my first magazine so it’s dope.”

You’re about to embark on the Made in Tokyo tour, which kicks off next month. Aside from Atlanta (your hometown), which cities are you excited to hit and why?

Madeintyo: “New York is going to be so lit. New York is always lit so I’m definitely looking forward to that. I’ve never been to Seattle before so I’m excited for that. I like doing shows in Atlanta, too. I haven’t been back in Atlanta in awhile. I’m also going to have a whole bunch of homies there that I use to throw parties with. I’m a have them pop out with me when I do my set. I gotta show love when I get back to my city because they showed me so much love when I was coming up.”

With the new project dropping and the tour about to kick off, what else is next for the
last quarter of the year?

Madeintyo: “Well first things first, in 2018 my son will be one. That’s going to be lit. As far as the music side for me, I’ll be working on my album. Between that process I’ll be touring, doing more shows, dropping random music, and doing my features. Swisha got a project coming out soon. There’s a few other things like videos that’ll be dropping. Just stayed tuned.”

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