Civil Interview: Siya Talks Debut Album, ‘Commitment’ EP and More

Posted on March 10th, 2017
Shawn Grant

With having that full control how did you know you wanted to do this entire project with The Olympicks?

Siya: I been working with the Olympicks for over ten year’s now. They got two on the Siya v Siya project, but I was like why don’t we do a whole EP together. They have that sound that I was looking for with that melodic tone so I knew they would kill it.

What is the song that everyone gravitated to or is your favorite?

Siya: A lot of people are talking about the “Don’t You (Say Yes)” record with Tank. I hit The Olympicks like the “Say Yes” record [by Floetry] can you flip it for me? They did and sent I back the same night and I went to the studio and started everything by myself. I did the hook first and then the verses and sent it to Tank. The fans love it. That’s his favorite, for me it’s probably “Front Door.” On there I’m just talking that talk, you going to make me pull up to your front door [laughs]. Sometimes it’s about action. You can’t always say that I love you and expect a woman to understand that you have to physically show her and go out your way sometimes.

You have a couple tracks you have done with Tank, how is it working with someone who is a big brother and supposed to make sure you career succeeds at the same time?

Siya: It’s great. He travels so much and so do I, but we are always musically connected. Whenever we get in a studio it’s so easy and it’s just a bond that is unbreakable. It’s seriously easy.

When you analyze your home, New York, there is a strong base of women there but its a little bit chippy right now. Do you think it’s good to have that back and forth and want for dominance right now?

Siya: Personally, I don’t trip over that type of shit because I feel like there’s room – and I always speak on this because I promote women empowerment – but I’m a firm believer that’s room in the game for all of us. It don’t have to be about dominance. If DJ Khaled can put together a record with seven, eight niggas, why can’t it be the same thing for females? We haven’t seen anything like that since “Ladies Night” and then the record that I and the girls did from Sisterhood of Hip-hop. It’s ridiculous to me that sometimes it doesn’t get to that point because of egos and cattiness. It’s crazy to me we can’t get together and all get the job done. We can all be winning at the same damn time.

That third project, I read you want to get back to the aggressive side. What can we know about that album?

Siya: It’s definitely going to happen in June, the title is 383 – for Roosevelt. 383 is the building I was raised in in the Roosevelt projects in Bedford-Stuyvesant projects. That’s my hood, that’ where I’m from. That is the start of everything.

How far are you into it?

Siya: I’m at the beginning stages. I’m going to take my time with it. It’s taking it back. Raw, unfiltered, street shit. My struggles. I’m going back to who I am as a woman and who I have grown to be. I’m doing it for my hood for my family and for Bed Stuy more importantly.

Is there a season four of sisterhood of hip-hop coming?

Siya: Oh, right now we’re in limbo. We don’t know but I am working on pitching out TV show ideas. I’m trying to get into the executive producing game. We still have the movie coming, Dueces. Me, Larenz Tate, Meagan Good, Lance Gross, Rotimi, Rick Gonzalez, Lala, its coming real, real soon.

What’s your role in that movie?

Siya: I play an 18 year old girl from Cali named Diggs. She is a part of Larenz’s crew in the movie, get all the bitches [laughs], get the job done when need be. I’m pretty much playing myself which is a beautiful thing. Larenz was courting me to work and get the role done. It was originally for a guy but when we met he fucked with my guy and he called Tank and said he had a role for me to play.


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