Civil Selects: Wallway Pac, Tia Nomore, G.R.I.M.M. & More

Posted on September 27th, 2016
Staff Editor

Happy Tuesday folks.

Hip-hop is in an interesting place right now with a lot of great music on the way, followed by all the great music that’s already dropped. We’re just about wrapped up with #festivalseason, aside from the handful of big shows left this year, and artists are hustling to stack their chips before 2017 hits. After all, it is the 4th quarter.

This year, our Civil Selects series has brought a lot of talented upcoming artists to the spotlight, hopefully catapulting them to superstardom in the months and years to come. Apologies on missing Civil Selects this past weekend, but we didn’t want to let the week pass without showcasing some promising new artists and focus on what really matters — the music.

For this week, we’ll be featuring once again Wallway Pac, the talented Tia Nomore, G.R.I.M.M., Dash Flash, Aaron Knight and IYKZ.

Click the following pages to hear what these upcoming artists have to offer.


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