Civil Interview: Brianna Perry Talks Impact Of ‘Sisterhood Of Hip Hop’ And More

Posted on September 1st, 2016
Lindsey India

Brianna perry interview

If you’re a fan that tunes in every week to catch the latest episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, then you’re well aware of the force to be reckoned with that is Brianna Perry. The Miami rapper might be a newer face to some, but her experience in the game is anything but the levels of a rookie. The Florida beauty has quickly become a fan favorite on the Oxygen reality show that highlights the trials and tribulations of five rising female hip hop artists with tons of potential.

Viewers have watched Brianna go through it all, including balancing her music career with finishing school, starting a new chapter in Los Angeles, and dealing with fierce competition on the horizon. She’s managed to completely blossom in the midst of everything, and is now in a better place than ever with her music and personal life. “Really just learning about myself and these other women makes it a dope show,” Ms. Perry reveals in our exclusive sit-down interview. Dive inside the mind of Brianna as she discusses being on the show for the past three seasons, the growth of her music, and artists speaking up in our candid interview on the following pages.


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