iLoveMakonnen Says There is No Beef in his OVO Sound Departure

Posted on April 19th, 2016
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ilovemakonnen pays homage to gucci mane in big gucci video

In this OVO SZN we haven’t seen or heard much from the OVO Sound collective in regards to iLoveMakonnen, that’s because he is no longer apart of the label.

It’s probably not a surprise to many that The Red Dragon is no longer apart of the squad as his presence has been missing from many social media efforts and more. The final confirmation of his departure is reported by Billboard.

With news of his departure, Makonnen has issued a statement regarding his status with the label and ensuring there is not beef between he and Drake or any other members of OVO:

“I cannot thank OVO, 40, Oliver, Future & Mr. Morgan, enough for all that they have done for my career. No words can express how much I appreciate Drake for being a part of the success of Tuesday. I’m sure the haters will have something negative to say, but all in all my choice to be solely on Warner Bros Records was the right thing for me and for my best interest. Sorry there’s no beef to report, DRINK MORE WATER.”

But there is not a stall in motion for Makonnen because he is planning to go out on tour with Lil B. Sharing an image representing both artists, Makonnen suggest to request the tour to hit your city and they will grant the wish.

Add ur city below and we will come

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