Lil Jon Serves as Guest Speaker at Oxford University

Posted on May 11th, 2015
Staff Editor

Lil Jon at Oxcord - Karen Civil

If I were to ask you to take a guess at who spoke at Oxford University today (May 11) I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t have chose Lil Jon. The King of Crunk probably wouldn’t picked himself either but he did hit the prestigious University to speak to students.

Dressed in a sweater and jeans the Atlanta legend spoke on a variety of topics ranging from his opinion on President Obama and his work in office to initially being invited to Oxford and not believing it.

“Am I being catfished?” Lil Jon stated on his invite to Oxford. “I was kind of speechless after I realized it was real. Thank you for having me, this is great. I’ve never been to a college and spoke.”

During his time with the students Lil Jon had an answer to most questions except one, what are The East Side Boyz doing, which he simply responded “I have no idea, dawg.”

You can view Lil Jon posing with students below.

dinner wit harry potter ‘nem

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