Civil Interview: Jazmine Sullivan Discusses Her Essence Festival Performance, Baltimore And Brandy Duet

Posted on May 8th, 2015
Staff Editor


How are you feeling about performing at the Essence Festival?

Jazmine Sullivan: I’m excited to perform again at the Essence Fest. It’s a great crowd. I’m going to do some songs off the album, as well as a tribute to Kim Burrell, since she’s like my idol.

What songs do your fans respond the strongest to when you perform them?

Jazmine: There are a couple songs I would say that they love when I perform. I’d say “Forever Don’t Last” because that’s really personal. It’s something that I really sang from the heart, so when I talk about where I was at the time, people relate to it. You have to let go of something you don’t necessarily want to, but you have to. “Masterpiece” I would also say, because everybody has kind of struggled with self-esteem.

Do you have any advice for girls who want to raise their own low self-esteems?

Jazmine: I don’t really know if there’s a formula to it. I mean I think you should make it a priority to [help yourself]. I do know that you have to want to make it a priority.

How do you feel about today’s state of R&B?

Jazmine: I don’t know. I guess it’s really subjective. I don’t really look at music and the state of any genre and try to judge it like that. Music is ever-changing, so it can take a different form. All I can worry about is what I contribute to it. I think I contribute really cool music. I’m a part of music period, so I don’t try to judge it like that. It’s going to sound different in 5 years, and then in 10 years.

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