Civil Interview: Tony Yayo Has “A Different Kind Of Respect” For Lloyd Banks

Posted on March 2nd, 2015
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G-Unit Records can go down in history as arguably one of the most successful labels in the history of hip-hop. Led by 50 Cent, each member of the crew from Tony Yayo to Lloyd Banks to Young Buck saw incredible success both as solo artists and as a group.

When 50 reunited the Unit at this past Summer Jam festival, reminding the entire community just how powerful these guys can be, it felt like the 2nd coming of G-Unit. The once powerful leaders of hip-hop had a chance to re-make a name for themselves. Following Summer Jam, the newly independent crew dropped several freestyles over popular tracks, as well as their first official project since the reunion titled The Beauty Of Independence; the rapid fire release of new content made it evident that these guys were just getting started.

So much so, that tomorrow (March 3) the Unit plans to release their follow up EP The Beast Is G-Unit. It’s time for the takeover, ladies and gentlemen.

We sat down with each member of G-Unit, aside from 50, to discuss how much things have changed since the reunion and what we can expect from here on out. First up is the Talk of New York, Tony Yayo.

Aside from his appearance on the upcoming The Beast Is G-Unit EP, we can also look forward to a new solo project soon – El Chapo 3. The veteran MC gives his take on today’s industry and broke down how things have changed from his perspective.

Click the following pages to read our exclusive interview with Tony Yayo and check back at 11:00 AM EST for our sit down with Kidd Kidd and tomorrow (3/3) for our sit downs with Young Buck and Lloyd Banks.


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  1. Boy Boy says:

    Yayo really impressed me on the new EP

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