Civil Interview: Kidd Kidd Plans To Make A Name For Himself This Year

Posted on March 2nd, 2015
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One of the most promising artists of 2015 has to be the newest member of G-Unit, Kidd Kidd. The street-minded hustler from New Orleans has been in the game for quite some time, dating back to the early 2000s when he was running around with Lil Wayne and Young Money. Kidd made a name for himself in the South and when 50 Cent got a chance to meet him, it was a no-brainer for him to convince Kidd to join the Unit.

It is without a doubt that Kidd Kidd is talented and can rap circles around a lot of our favorite artists. With G-Unit being temporarily dismantled and 50 focusing his attention on his many ventures outside of the music, Kidd’s run with the Unit unfortunately took a bit of a backseat. But once the Unit reunited at Summer Jam this past year, it was officially time for Kidd to shine and he’s been on a tear since.

During our exclusive interview with the New Orleans native, Kidd revealed that he’s working on a new mixtape titled Fuck The Fame, which is set to drop before his album Street Fame. He also discuessed the status of his own crew Rida Gang, if and when we can expect a G-Unit album, what it was like working with Lil Wayne back in the day and much more.

Click the following page to read our full interview with Kidd Kidd and check back tomorrow for our sit down with Young Buck as well as Lloyd Banks. You can read our interview with Tony Yayo here if you missed it.


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