Joey Bada$$ Did Not Know It Was Malia Obama Wearing A Pro Era Shirt

Posted on January 15th, 2015
Staff Editor

Joey Badass Tonight SHow

Joey Bada$$ is a few days away from his 20th birthday and debut album B4.Da.$$. The rapper has been making headlines, wrapping his tour in Australia with a slight scuffle with a security guard and the viral photo of POTUS’ daughter, Malia Obama, rocking a Pro Era T-shirt. Stopping in to Bloomberg TV to chat with Pimm Fox on Taking Stock, the Brooklyn rapper revealed he didn’t even realize it was the president’s daughter.

“I was in Australia and I pretty much woke up one morning and I look at my phone and I seen a whole bunch of my friends posting this picture of this girl in a Pro Era shirt,” he explained. “I was like what’s so special about this? I didn’t even know who she was, I was like what’s so special about this? As I started reading the comments and the captions, I was like ohhhh. Then I wasted no time, I reposted it myself.”

The White House has waged an investigation to discover how the picture was obtained to be released to the E-streets. Mark your calendars to wish Joey Bada$$ a happy birthday with a purchase of his upcoming album January 20. Watch the full interview above.

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