Civil TV: Dej Loaf Welcomes Us Into Her Neighborhood

Posted on January 12th, 2015
Staff Editor

Dej Loaf is a quiet storm. The Detroit femcee is soft-spoken in her all red ‘fit with a flare of humility as she gives Civil TV a tour of her hometown and the “dungeon” she creates in. Since bursting onto the scene with her hit record “Try Me,” the rapstress has since signed to a major label, released her debut mixtape Sell Sole and is keeping busy to keep her momentum.

“Try Me,” a record that has been remixed by countless artists, was written by Dej during one of her own independent “zone-outs” upon receiving the beat.”I was just in my room, in my zone going crazy,” she explained. “Usually when he [DDS ] send over beats I sit and I vibe with my headphones on. When I hear something I like there’s no stopping it. I got my phone out and start writing it. The thing with it, I just knew it was a dope song.”

Keeping herself grounded, Dej Loaf holds on to keepsakes that serve as reminders of where she’s been, what she’s done and how far she’s come. Picking up an old pair of Converses, the femcee plans to start wearing the kicks to her concerts.

“This is a pair of shoes of mine that I worked hard in,” she said. “I’m about to start wearing them to my concerts. They mean a lot. I worked terrible jobs in these shoes. I’m already a humble person but they bring me back.”

Don’t be confused of little Dej’s quiet demeanor, the rapper walks with confidence and knows exactly who she is. “I was always a shy kid, I wasn’t sure of myself. So now, I walk with confidence, I talk with confidence, I know who I am. It took me a while to get here so I embrace that when I say I know who I am,” she said.

Get familiar with Dej Loaf, her side of Detroit, trials with asthma and more in our Civil TV above.


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