50 Cent Speaks Out On His Grandmother’s Passing

Posted on September 26th, 2014
Aisha Buchanan

It’s a tough time for the hard-working 50 Cent, as he has been dealing with the passing of his grandmother, Beulah Jackson, which occurred last week. The G-Unit frontman has been keeping a lower profile to mourn the loss of the woman who helped raise him, and he has finally spoken out about hearing of her being ill, before passing away.

In a new interview with VIBE, Fifty reveals that he was on set when he got a call from his aunt, who told him to come to the hospital and see his grandmother.

He revealed to the magazine of their last moments:

I had to go to Power to rehearse the action sequences and I was on the treadmill, working with the stunt coordinators, when my aunt called me and told me I needed to come to the hospital. I had the chance to talk to her a little bit before she passed. My grandmama was coherent the whole time. I’ve seen a lot of people die around me but I saw them die on the corner that we were standing on. Outside is a different danger. It’s like you go to the hospital, [my grandma’s] up, she’s there, she’s alert. She responded to my voice and then after I see her, her blood pressure starts to drop and then she’s gone.

50 also posted a photo tribute to his late grandmother on his Instagram, captioning it:

My angel (Beulah Jackson) God has blessed me with letting her see me win. She was proud of me, now how i see my self is all that matters.

Our hearts go out to 50 Cent and his family during this tough time. See 50’s tribute to his grandmother on his Instagram on the next page.


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