Kendrick Lamar Responds To Troy Ave

Posted on June 10th, 2014
Alley Olivier

Kendrick Lamar has been the topic of discussion as of late, having his name tossed out by Lupe Fiasco, Troy Ave and Mac Miller. In a sit-down with Hot 97, Lupe weighed in on who he considers the most lyrical in the game right now.

“Listen, Kendrick is ill. He’s super ill. To me, the whole TDE team is the illest team. They’re the illest team that I’ve seen in maybe 5 years,” Fiasco said. “Lyrically, no, I don’t think [Kendrick Lamar is the best].”

The Chicago-bred lyricist listed King Los and Logic as upcoming rappers he finds to outrank the TDE rep when it comes to rhymes. “Everybody entitled to their opinion, I just continue to do what I do,” K. Dot said in an interview with Nessa from Wild 94.9.

Similar comments about his style of rap and influence on the game were said by New York’s own Troy who considers Kendrick to be a “weirdo rapper.” Not meaning it disrespectfully but just describing him as “different,” the Compton rapper hasn’t paid much attention to it.

“I never met him, I never really focused on his music,” he said.

When it comes to comments made by Mac Miller on his ScHoolboy Q-assisted track, “Friends,” Kendrick laughs it off knowing it was meant to be playful and nothing serious. “That’s my homie, he’s just a crazy guy.”

Currently, King Kendrick is staying focused and confirms that he is working on his next album. He also confirms that Dr. Dre will be involved on the project.

“Dr. Dre is focused like he always been. He’s focused on music. Yes, [he’s working on my album],” he said.

Watch the full interview to find out what Kendrick Lamar likes to do with his money above.

  • Kendrick is in his zone, I can sense the way he’s been reserved. Just like J cole, Don’t sleep on those creatives. Drake is still on the punching bag too!! I can say It’s a hell of a time for Hip Hop. I wouldn’t say it’s a drought. #StayCivil

  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    Why people always gotta dumb shit down to “the state of hip hop” and “this is good or this is bad for hip hop” stfu wit all that noise. w.e. ppl thought hip hop/rap represented is dead. Personally I don’t think the shit ever lived in the first place. PPL just need to realize that all these songs and times ppl love/loved so much were just luck and forceless effort. Niggas won’t going out saying yea we boutta make classic hip hop shit. They just had different mentalities and made music for their times. Now a days ppl just don’t wanna own up to the fact that the mentalities and ultimately the times are stupid and lame af that’s why music, the internet, videos, fashion, and social networking/media sucks so much and cause so much anger from ppl. N tbh most ppl barely make hip hop most ppl just rap. It’s veryyyyy few straight hip hop artists. No one is that no more!

  • Ishmail Deco

    Respect to his response. you can see that he clearly isnt looking for no beef or jumping to conclusions about none… he just a laid back kinda guy… thas Kendrick..
    #Waddup TDE

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