Naya Rivera Not Dropped From Label According to Statement

Posted on May 1st, 2014
Staff Editor

Naya Rivera has been dropped from her record deal with Columbia Records, according to reports from Billboard. The “Glee” star inked the deal back in 2011 when she said that she’d be working on an album which, to date, hasn’t been released. Rivera has also been rumored to have been cut from the cast of the FOX television series, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The most work that the public has really seen from the album was the first single, entitled “Sorry,” which featured Big Sean who she recently ended an engagement with. It didn’t reach the Billboard Top 100 and has only sold 34,000 records to date.

Update: According to a statement released by Rivera’s publicist, she hasn’t been dropped from Columbia Records or from “Glee.” You can read the statement in full below.

“The newest story claiming that Naya Rivera was dropped from her recording contract with Columbia Records is absolutely false. If the ‘news’ outlets who put out this story had bothered to contact anyone from her team they would have learned this was false. To be clear, any rumors or statements made as fact, that Naya Rivera was fired or let go from ‘Glee’ or dropped from her recording contract, are categorically false. Someone obviously has an agenda to damage Naya’s good name and the media are failing at their duty to responsibly vet their sources and verify what is true and what is not. Naya’s attorneys are prepared to take any and all legal action to enforce and protect her rights.”

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