Kreayshawn Made One Cent From Her Album Sales

Posted on January 19th, 2014
Shawn Grant

Bay Area femcee Kreayshawn was transparent with her Twitter followers as she revealed the amount of money she recently took in as royalties from her Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay album. That grand total from her debut comes in at $.01.

The album was powered by her smash single “Gucci Gucci” but only sold 3,900 copies in it’s opening week. Check below to see where Kreayshawn shared the unfortunate statistic.

via – Vibe

  • SteamboatBiLLY


  • Srdan Vujnovic

    how?where did the money go?production fees, promotion?

  • Brittney Parker-Dator

    Good. For music’s sake.

  • brittanybeauty

    WOW! Well her deal was only 1 million

    • Ervin Mitchell

      One mil is pretty good for somebody who can’t rap for shit. She came up if you ask me lol

  • Michelle Suarez

    all of you guys are fucking retard its 1 cent not 1 million learn how to read dumbasses….

  • defwish

    a 1 mil deal has to be recouped… shes lucky she didnt end up in the neg, owing money

  • Peres Dixon

    Are people just dumb or what,she did not make a million she made 1 cent,go back to school,grrrr…

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