What Happened With Nicki Minaj at Summer Jam; Lil Kim and Funkmaster Flex Respond

Posted on June 4th, 2012

This was the plan. For history to be made during the Nicki Minaj performance at this year’s Summer Jam festival but by the time the time of her performance drew near, the whole performance was a wrap. Here’s what happened.

Well, it all started with Peter Rosenberg who made a comment on-air during the Summer Jam pre-show (Hot 97). He said, “Shout out to all my real hip-hop heads and none of these Starship artists.” The actual video of that comment can be seen above. Then, Mr. YMCMB, Lil Wayne tweeted

This left America wondering what exactly had taken place. Well, Wayne took offense from Rosenberg’s statement and pulled the plug on the remainder of the Young Money performances that evening; by this time, Tyga had already performed.

Well, Nicki fans then began to weigh in on her cancelled performance and she took to twitter to defend the decision and show that Young Money is most definitely loyal to one another.

Now, fans weren’t the only ones voicing their opinions on the cancelled appearance. Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97 weighed in too during his appearance on the turntables.

Now, while no names were dropped, Flex does refer to albums not selling and commercial rappers. Was he siding with Rosenberg on this one? But if Flex is Flex, you can guarantee that he will clear up all the confusion on his show tonight.
Lil Kim also decided to share her opinion on the performance as it was scheduled. Apparently, Nicki was slated to bring out Foxy Brown and Azealia Banks; which would explain the “History” that Nicki was speaking on making in her tweet earlier in the day. The irony is, all three of these female rappers have beef with the Queen Bee. Kim tweeted “Hot damn ho here we go again. Monkey see monkey do. I heard the haters are joining forces against the Queen. LMAO!” She then told Nicki break a leg but followed up with this.

“My love for the female hip hop movement has always been genuine. All the females I’ve been bringing out recently I have love for. If u see anybody else doing it. Its not genuine. Know it’s only to copy and compete with me. For those of u who have been brainwashed by the fraud. Let’s open our eyes now people. The clone is not bringing ladies out for the luv.”

With all that being said, Nicki has been on twitter all day, clearing up the discrepancies from the entire issue. She is however being very classy about the entire situation and deciding to take the high road.

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