Catalog Catch Up: Bob Marley – “No Woman, No Cry”

Posted on May 13th, 2012

Some songs will put a smile on your face regardless of the time, place or (most any) situation. About two weeks ago while on my lunch break, Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry” came on in the place where I stopped to pick up an order. In most cases, I hate waiting because there’s only a set amount of time designated, but that day I could care less. I walked in as soon as the opening moments of the track began to play and to my amazement, everyone who was there had this kool-aid grin appear on their face. Some tapped their feet. Some sang along. And some just bobbed their head. Not that it matters (and it shouldn’t), but there were white, black, Hispanic and Asian people all in attendance and most of the conversations stemmed from how much they personally were attached to this number from the late, great Bob.

It’s feel good music, for lack of a better description. It transcends any and everything. Music could (and already has to an extent) really change the world if we let it.

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