Azealia Banks Cooks Up More Hip Hop Beef with Lil’ Kim

Posted on May 7th, 2012

It seems like the recipe for Hip Hop stardom has been given to Azealia Banks; and the main ingredient is BEEF. The Harlem Rapper, who was just added to the Summer Jam 2012 Festival Stage, has just initiated another beef with another female lyricist.

The first time around, Banks was at ends with Iggy Azalea over a slave master lyric used in “D.R.U.G.S.” Although Iggy denies that any racial harm was intended, Banks did manage to get quite a buzz from the debate. Now, she has moved on to bigger names in Hip Hop. Her most recent beef is with rapper Lil’ Kim. The issue apparently stemmed from Banks sending Kim a track hoping to in turn receive a feature from her. After the track was not completed, Banks took to twitter to vent on Saturday.

It really sucks when someone you respect and admire is trying to act brand new when all u did was reach out and try to work.. I can’t lie.. My little feelings are hurt. Women are so petty…. But whatever… Your loss.. Not mine.”

Today, things got a little more personal and Banks decided to share more insight into where the real issue stands. Basically, when the track was sent to Lil Kim, it was sent with a reference verse. That means that Banks sent Kim a track and the verse she wanted her to spit on it. This didn’t sit well with Kim and her assistant sent an email to Banks which pretty much said we’re gonna pass on this one.

Then, the flood gates were opened, and the following tweets were sent from Banks to Kim.

Okay so true tea is that Lil Kim got mad that I wrote a verse for her on a record I wanted her on.


Everyone knows Lil Kim doesn’t write her own raps and I saw this as a faster more efficient way of getting the track done.


She then had her assistant write me some long ass offensive email about how Lil Kim writes her own raps and doesn’t need anyone’s help.


So….. My question was and is still… IS SHE DOING THE TRACK?


Who cares about what you use to do…. WILL YOU DO THE TRACK??!


All this extra sh-t is stupid. Keep closing your own doors ma. @lilkim


There is no beef. At all.


Now, Lil Kim’s camp is firing back accusing Banks of starting a false twitter beef just for the sake of publicity. They released the following statement.

Earlier today a press release went out making a claim that there was friction between Hip Hop Icon “Lil Kim” and aspiring hip artist azealia banks. The release comes as a surprise to our team,being that my client and azealia have NEVER spoke to one another or met AT ALL. Kim was actually very flattered azealia’s public admiration for her, which is why it’s so hard to understand how someone who claims to be a true Lil Kim fan could flip the script so easily on someone who was supposedly their idol.

It is also VERY interesting that NO ONE from her team made any attempts to reach out to anyone from our team to voice any concerns or problems that they may have had. I have NEVER heard of anyone having a conflict with someone they have NEVER met with or personally spoke with. We have no idea what they are referencing and have no desire to discuss the matter any further as there is nothing to talk about. It honestly seems that someone from azealia’s team would rather have her fans buy into manufactured drama instead of buying music. Kim knows nothing of any beef, and furthermore has had nothing but nice things to say about her. We don’t know what this is and will not address this any further. It seems that this is another sad attempt by someone trying to use my client for publicity. We wish her nothing but the best.

So far, Banks has had the last say so with these tweets.

@LilKim you DO know that YOUR management where the ones who said u needed us to write a reference verse in the first place .. Right?




Oh well … I’m still gonna steal all of her outfits & hairstyles … ‘cept I’m gonna keep all the credit and not involve her in any of it.


@LilKim real talk I just want that verse …. ya know..? I’m not really here for ur team and they’re pseudo professionalism


@LilKim u can still use the verse of you want.. Or feel free to write your own. But you should really do the verse


Lol all bullshit aside I’m here for this $$$$$$$$$$$. Let’s get it … Why not?





 Yea, this will not be the last we hear from Chef Boyar-Banks. Tell Nicki Minaj to beware. She may be next on the menu.

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