Trey Songz Provides Preview To New Album ‘Chapter V’

Posted on April 2nd, 2012

True story, on a flight to Atlanta this weekend, while walking up to board my plane, I saw my boy Fynch Money walking to the same game. We both grew up together and everyone from around our way knew he was Trey Songz’s best friend growing up and to this day. I didn’t think about it until I was in line and saw he was walking up to the first class section when I noticed Trey was with him. Literally two seconds later, the female flight attendant who happened to be scanning the tickets did too and she morphed into straight-groupie mode. It was hilarious as Fynch looked back at me, laughed and kept walking.

What does this story have to do with anything? Nothing at all, but in Trey-related news, he did provide a brief preview into what his new album, Chapter V, will hold once he liberates to the masses this summer. And thanks to the good people at Complex, we’ve got the scoop.

2. “Two Reasons” – “This one’s a little ignorant,” Trey said before playing this T.I.-featuring banger. “When I walk into the club, I got to hear my shit.” The thumping cut is sure to accomplish just that as Trey clearly states his motivation for hitting nightclubs. “I only came here for two reasons,” he sings on the track. “The bitches and the drinks…” Tip joins the fun, Southern charm intact, saying that he and Trey have been wild boys “since we were minors.”


3. “Dive In” – This freaky cut—which Trey wrote and produced with frequent collaborator Troy Taylor—is layered with smooth guitars riffs and lyrics about pleasuring a woman. The first two verses fittingly begin with the words “Splash” and “Drip.” While throughout the song Trey croons about how he loves “swimming in your body,” that he “ain’t coming up for air,” and “there ain’t no running around this pool!” Yeah, this one’s nasty. And it closes with him audibly swimming. Perfect.


6. “Simply Amazing” – This mid-tempo cut shows Trey’s growth and radio platform reach. V has songs for his core twenty-something R&B audience, as well as ones that surely will do damage on pop charts, and “Amazing,” which likely should score big on adult contemporary stations.


Sharing his undying love for his lady through pitfalls and struggle, Trey pours his heart out. “There is nothing in this world that could keep me from you,” he sings. It will fit nicely alongside the likes of Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” and Charlie Wilson’s “You Are.” Sounds like R&B is alive and well—for now.



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