The Legend of Rich Porter: 22 Years Later

Posted on January 4th, 2012

Popularized nationwide by Hip-Hop, brought to life through movie Paid In Full and a controversial icon in the streets of New York City for his wheelings and dealings, Rich Porter and his legacy continue to paint the two with stories of his past exploits and urban legends. In short, Rich was a drug dealer. He was known for his flamboyance which came to life at the youthful age of 12 when he sold his first drug. By the time he was 18, he had an entire garage in Manhattan filled with luxury vehicles he had amassed over the years from his fruitful street pharmaceutical business.

It wasn’t all flash with Porter however; there was muscle involved, too. He was about of a trio of dealers, along with “AZ” and Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, whose business commanded corners throughout Harlem for years. They sold drugs, they brought in money hand over fist and, in instances, those who crossed them lost their lives. However, with the “business” as cut throat as it is, there was no such things as friends. Everyone was taken back – including fellow dealers and those just knew Porter by face and by reputation – when Alpo murdered Porter over drug money.

Jim Jones, who released a mixtape last year, spoke on the significance of Porter on the streets of Harlem.

“When it comes to Rich Porter, he was a very instrumental person from Harlem as far as the days of hustling. He set the precedent for my generation coming up. Watching the hustlers, the fast cars, pretty girls, and the fast money and things like that. And the story that goes behind it as far as the love and the betrayal.”

Fast money is just that: fast. It can leave at the drop of a dime or at the bullet of another. And in a city that prides itself on making money and being able to sell anything, Rich Porter will continue to live on the streets of New York City, even if his business wasn’t exactly the most admirable. 

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