The Legend of Rich Porter: 22 Years Later

Posted on January 4th, 2012

Popularized nationwide by Hip-Hop, brought to life through movie Paid In Full and a controversial icon in the streets of New York City for his wheelings and dealings, Rich Porter and his legacy continue to paint the two with stories of his past exploits and urban legends. In short, Rich was a drug dealer. He was known for his flamboyance which came to life at the youthful age of 12 when he sold his first drug. By the time he was 18, he had an entire garage in Manhattan filled with luxury vehicles he had amassed over the years from his fruitful street pharmaceutical business.

It wasn’t all flash with Porter however; there was muscle involved, too. He was about of a trio of dealers, along with “AZ” and Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, whose business commanded corners throughout Harlem for years. They sold drugs, they brought in money hand over fist and, in instances, those who crossed them lost their lives. However, with the “business” as cut throat as it is, there was no such things as friends. Everyone was taken back – including fellow dealers and those just knew Porter by face and by reputation – when Alpo murdered Porter over drug money.

Jim Jones, who released a mixtape last year, spoke on the significance of Porter on the streets of Harlem.

“When it comes to Rich Porter, he was a very instrumental person from Harlem as far as the days of hustling. He set the precedent for my generation coming up. Watching the hustlers, the fast cars, pretty girls, and the fast money and things like that. And the story that goes behind it as far as the love and the betrayal.”

Fast money is just that: fast. It can leave at the drop of a dime or at the bullet of another. And in a city that prides itself on making money and being able to sell anything, Rich Porter will continue to live on the streets of New York City, even if his business wasn’t exactly the most admirable. 

  • Ace

    Rich was the man before there was a AZ and a Alpo. Rich was the man back when LA was doing big things in harlem, LA had 144 street lock down. That might not seem like anything but when you were on the same block with cat like Erie von zip and preach and could buy a Saab in the 80’s your were doing big things. The reason Rich liked Alpo was because Alpo reminded Rich of L.A. some anybody lets get this story right. Rich learned for some old cats and he was always about getting that paper.

    Yeah, to bad it was about Selling Drugs but back then that was the safe way to go in the street. Rich will always be the man.

  • socartes

    I agree with Duke. I said the same thing many times. What’s that? Iv’e said that environment form s what we see and think. Yes, there are some xcptions who come from places like were Rich and Azie as well as Alpo come from who go to school and start businesses of there own or careers but, most fall prey to the streets either selling,using or being muscle in the drug game. I don’t think theres much glorifying involved here either. Were I come from is no Harlem but, I remember the same things in the south going down as well. The drug dealers got the girls and had the fly clothes and if you had what most desired it made you a local star and as a kid it was attractive. Now as an adult, I know better. I know via living that way was wrong but, as a child I saw the lifestyle and the girls and cars and money amazed me.

    Im not proud of this by no means but, Im a truthful guy who can say honestly, we all are capable of falling prey to the drug game. Factors weigh in like home life and my home life wasnt stable. Rich Porter was a human and despite those who disagree with how he lived we should also remember there were factors that contributed to his decision to sell drugs and none of us are qualified to put him down. He had to walk in his shoes and we have to respect that. I think Rich and Azie and Alpo can teach us and they will teach others how the drug game really is. I have no bad words to say about anyone, only GOD can truly judge!

    Rest in peace Rich. What we need is more Black men being there for there sons to hopefully avoid there sons doing what Rich felt he had to do. Lets step up black men! LGNM

  • Thanks for the love Karen.
    I appreciate it!

    Reshonia Porter

  • General Mecca-EL

    First off i just want to acknowledge dat nigga Rich as a stand up hood kat! But im from da South Side of Chicago and I watch good dudes get whacked daily about dat BAG Money, even my pops was nailed by a bitch ass nigga who he called his BLOOD BROTHA! I was just saying that betrayal amongst ur own will aways b here. Its never ur enemy who get u its always ur own people!!! Islam Jiwe Penda!

  • tpnsa

    Rich Porter was trying to live the American Dream. This Country Was Built on Murder, Drugs, Manipulation, From It’s Inception, Drugs Have Played a Major Role in the Development of the Nation. Most Major Power Families got their Start From Dirty Dealings.

  • pc crew

    The 80s were crazy u hav 2 cum frm ny 2 understand the mind set bac then and being n the streets rich po and a wasn’t the only 1s tht was a way of life then there’s a million storys n the naked city PC BOYS crew

  • DD

    Whoever wrote this article should retake English comp 101.

  • Rich Porter Back !

    rest in paradise rich ! you died too young . alpo was some grimey / greedy ass nigga . you & az should have realized he was some crazy mother fucker before ya put him down . but shit happens for a reason . you will be remembered forever all over harlem ! & r.i.p to your little brother man !

  • ASES

    haha fuck society clearly he was just making money..and for others he lived in new york in the 80’s it was either stay poor and try to make a living,gand banging or drugdealing and people like rich were influential and inspiration to some and fro you too judge him without really knowing him or where he came from is just as bad R.I.P RICH PORTER

  • i fucks with rich porter heavy he gives me the ambition i have today i wanna b jus like him plainfield nj kingpin

  • geemoney155

    well im born and raised in those same streets. you had to be there to understand any of this..i knew Rich wel and he was a very gooddudedespite his profession. Someone commented about what has he ever done for people or the community,well hedid quite a bit. Helping people that had no where to go, helped with bills,sent a few to school,gave plenty of money away to brothers coming out of the system to name a few. Rich didnt even have to know you to help you. R.I.P. Rich……also L.A.(DONALD), Stan,Fat Al Small Paul,and to a lot of good brothers. Fritz also..HARLEM4LIFE……….

  • tamika cutter

    it’s mess up that he die cause he was trying his best to get his brother back. it’s so fucked up that his uncle had something to do with his murder. i never met you rich “money making mitch” porter but i will alway’s remember you and your lil brother.

  • tamika cutter

    alpo was stupid but REAL i wish he would of thought it thru cause they were all making money.


  • God

    Those 3 guys could have been billionaires … Instead they let the streets win. It’s a sad story

  • Karrem

    Rich porter is dead and alpo is outta jail the game sucks

  • Nighttimehustler

    Rich Porter is and always will be my idol i respect dat man for gettin his money and staying fresh and just doin him he set the trend for young hustlers who grind on da darkside and da brightside and wit dat being said he was da king of hustlin in my eyes and i look up to my man truly got mad respect for rich.

  • dee

    The only flaws alpo had washe snitcheed & killed rich.but other that.po wasmy favorite one out the 3.I don’t condone se

  • The Truth

    Man you guys are trippin. This man might have been a successful hustler and did what he had to do to survive. But eventually that ambition to survive turned to greed and greed turned to homicidal ways. Anybody that glorifies that, puts it on a pedestal and idolizes that is lost in the world is needs to use something other than a triple beam to weigh their priorities. This is a cycle, a system, you should learn from Rich Porter and find a way out of this shit like AZ did. Learn from AZ, he was the man that wasn’t extra flashy and did it for survival more than anything and look at him now. He’s still has his health, most likely still has the money and is helping others realize the dangers of this kind of life. Learn and emulate black men such as Martin Luther, Malcom X, George Carver, Steve Bilko, Ray Lewis, etc. I respect Rich’s ambition and intelligence to get to where he was but there is two sides to every man. Some have a dark side that makes them not worthy of praise. God Bless you all.

    • Shane Aaron Moore

      ray lewis was envolved in the murder of children he aint a good example buddy no matter what he preaches

      • Shane Aaron Moore

        and he snitched on his people fuck that piece of shit

  • Peter Amin

    one thing people don’t know about Rich Porter was that his lil brother was missing for a month when Rich’s body was dumped by Alpo and found in the same area as his kid brotha. DEC-5 1990 boy kidnapped… Jan-5 Rich Porter’s body found multiple shots to head and chest $2,239 in his pocket.



  • EducationAnyone?

    Oh give me a f*cking break. Richard Porter did “alot” for people alright. Including increasing homicides, trafficking, extortion (including all the murders he did for Preacher and his Uncle Apple who kidnapped Rich’s younger brother) F*ck Richard Porter, His Uncle, and Alpo. Whether he spent a little money so called “guiding” people he also ruined alot of lives too. Imagine all the families that have to grow up with their loved ones on crack. He’s just as guilty as the drug addicts. Dumb asses think just because they don’t force an addict to do drugs that their not just as guilty. F*cking retards. F*ck the Porter family too, I don’t feel sorry for any of them, his mother, his ugly ass sister either. Had they did what any decent family would’ve done which was turn their backs on such behavior such as drug dealing and homicides then maybe he would’ve taken another road. But No, too busy spending drug-money and living lavish off of his wrongdoings. F*cking Monkeys. Just goes to show you karma is real! Now their asses is short of family members. I bet they wish now they had’ve begged him to do the right thing but now it’s too late. Alpo is right where he deserves to be too, It’s sad that you look down on him more for testifying than you do for ruining your communities. Had he would’ve not testified you idiots would still admire this piece of trash. Wayne Perry has a lot of balls, he has no one to blame for those 5 consecutive life sentences but his damn self. He pulled those triggers, extorted countless people out of money and murdered his daughters mother stabbing her in the face and shot her 5 times all while his wife Twala’ watching. Again, you’d have to be extremely uneducated to admire anything about any of these individuals. He trusted the wrong people. Big f*cking deal, just like all his victims did wrong by trusting his ass. Karma baby! Now he can sit there and reminisce on all his drug dealing days in a small ass cell. Mothafucka’s never wanna wake up and smell the reality until it’s your son/daughter that falls victim to senseless brutality. Then you’ll be cryin’/hollerin’ about some mothaf*ckin’ justice. I can’t with the bullshxt!

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